Party with Chavy: My St Kitts Carnival Fete List πŸ‡°πŸ‡³

The planning for St Kitts Carnival has officially begun and with these new events added to the Calendar this year…whew


See below where I’ll be for St Kitts Carnival, just incase you tryna ….

*cardi b voice*


Dates: 26th December – 4th January

Disclaimer: This isn’t St Kitts OFFICIAL calendar but just where I’ll be for the season

[Tip: If you want to be there for Jouvert, travel before the 26th as Jouvert starts in the early morning.]

Look out for my next blog post on everything you need to know about #UltraCarnival. Since this is will be my 4th year with them, I’ll be giving an in-depth look on the Road Experience with the Best Band!

Till Then, Stay Cool and remember

Fete is LIFE!


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