Chavdakid x Two6eight Promotions: The Official 268 Christmas Events Calendar πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¬

*clears throat*


If you’re Antiguan, you already KNOW how Christmas is celebrated here but if you aren’t then lemme just let you know wassup real quick.

Outside of our Carnival Season, the NEXT BEST season in Antigua is the Christmas SZN, HANDS DOWN.

I’m talking….

Fete after Fete after FETE!

For those who may be coming back home, visiting for the first time or even just live here and don’t know what’s happening.. I GOTCHU!

I’ve collaborated with Two6Eight Promotions (the number 1 Event Coverage/ Promotional Team here in the 268) to bring you an extensive calendar of bomb events that you can attend for the Christmas SZN starting from the beginning of December – New Years Day!

We present to you below, Christmas in da 268

To also make life easier, see below each Event Name (click their names to go directly to their page) small description and pricing for each.

NB: Most of the Event Tickets can be found on the Ticketing App.

Download Ticketing Below

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ticketing events android

Sunday Dec 8th

  • Sea grapes : The All Inclusive Brunch Event | $175 ec

Saturday Dec 14th

  • Hush: The Silent Headphone Party | $150 ec (Drinks Inclusive)

Sunday Dec 15th

Saturday Dec 21st

Sunday Dec 22nd

Friday Dec 27th

Saturday Dec 28th

Sunday Dec 29th

  • Infused : Cocktail Driven Party | Early Bird: $175 || Reg: $200

Tuesday Dec 31st

Wednesday Jan 1st

If you wish to have your event added feel free to reach out to me at

Also for your best Event Coverage and Promotion in Antigua, Two6eight is IT!

Instagram: @two6eight

Facebook: Two6eightpromotions

I hope this helps ya’ll to have a very Merry LITmas!

See y’all in ah fete!


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