Party with Chavy: My St Patrick’s WKND Fete List 🇲🇸

Trinidad Carnival is now over and even though I had to skip this year, the party doesn’t stop!

If you’re following my updated Bad Influence Tour Calendar” My next stop is St Patrick’s Weekend on the beautiful isle of Montserrat!

This will be my SECOND Year attending and I CANNOT WAIT!

Don’t know what St Patrick’s Weekend is?

St Patrick’s Festival is a weeklong celebration highlighting Montserrat’s African and Irish heritage. It culminates on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17.

I attend last year with my best friend for the first and from that experience, I told myself I CANNOT miss this year, sooooo here we are again!

I’ve partnered up with my brother DJ Timmy of Imperial Entertainment 664 for The Ultimate St Patrick’s Weekend Party Experience.

So incase you’re wondering where to go? Lemme tell you where I’ll be!


Dates: 11th March – 17th March 2020

Disclaimer: This isn’t the OFFICIAL St Patrick’s calendar but just where I’ll be for the season

…..and you can def look forward to a Recap Vlog & Blog after the experience!

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